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Unlock your financial potential with a credit card that transforms your life insurance into valuable opportunities tailored just for you.

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Vie Card

We believe that every single human deserves an equal shot at creating generational wealth and Vie Card can help you get there.


The World's First Credit Card Backed By Your Life Insurance

Use your life insurance policy value as an asset and secure lower rates today. There is no minimum credit score required, and you can apply in as little as 12 minutes. Check to see if you qualify risk-free.


When we say on demand we mean it

Vie provides quick access to funds through an innovative insurance-backed line of credit, allowing users to apply and spend within minutes via their mobile devices, for investments like real estate or personal expenses.

Slash your interest payments.

Vie Card offers a solution to high credit card APRs by providing a lower starting rate of 8%, making it easily accessible and cost-effective for keeping more money in your pocket.


Vie's essence is rooted at the crossroads of empathy and innovation. Our objective is to provide people with an easier way to leverage their assets, lower their costs, and retain their hard-earned money. We’re confident that, over time, we can play a significant role in shaping a financial landscape that's more accessible and equitable for all.

Jake Bass

CEO & Founder

Let your money work for you.

The more you have in the policy, the more interest you accrue. Vie helps you maximize the amount you are able to leave invested in your policy so that you can take the full advantage of compound interest earning more and more as each year passes.

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